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Over the last three decades, Winnerpak has evolved, demonstrating the endurance of a dream, and the wisdom of relentless perseverance. The saga begins in 1990, in the humble confines of Jieyang, where the ambition and tenacity of two siblings sparked a revolution in the gift box industry.

GuangLian Chen, a young crafts apprentice, and his elder sister Mimi Chen, a visionary in her own right, sowed the first seeds of Winnerpak. Their relentless dedication and passion for their craft marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

The year 2000 ushered in a new era of growth and expansion. Mimi’s younger brother, acknowledging the need for expanded production capacity, bravely ventured into unfamiliar territory. He moved to Zhongshan and established a branch workshop, laying the groundwork for Winnerpak’s future success. Today, his efforts have culminated in three thriving packaging workshops, efficiently managed by over 600 dedicated workers.

In 2004, the torch of innovation was passed to the next generation. Mimi’s daughter, Echo Liao, a visionary like her mother, established the jewelry packaging design and innovation center in Guangzhou’s bustling Zhujiang New Town. Echo, together with her younger brother Bill Zheng and cousin Jacky Chen, embarked on an ambitious journey to propel Winnerpak onto the global stage.

Their endeavors resulted in Winnerpak’s transformation into one of the most professional jewelry packaging brands in the world, a testament to their unyielding dedication, unrelenting ambition, and unshaken faith in their dream.

Today, Winnerpak stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation in the jewelry packaging industry. The journey so far has been rewarding, and we continue to stride forward, embracing challenges, creating opportunities, and crafting a legacy of excellence.

At Winnerpak, we invite you to be a part of our story, to experience the dedication, the craftsmanship, and the passion that goes into every piece we create. Let’s shape the future of jewelry packaging together.

7th.Jul. 1990
Winnerpak Founded

7th,July.1990,Winnerpak's Birthday,founded in Jieyang City,East of Guangdong Province, with 8 workers at the beginning,rent one floor from above Industries Zone for a small workshop,and our first product is gift paper box.

Top 3 of Gift Box Manufacturers in JieYang

Growing with 200 Table Line Workers Together,Products includes jewelry box,cosmetic box,tea box,all sell to local market. 

Expansion of factory capacity

In order to develop our packaging business and to make it easier to recruit technical and managerial talents, we set up a branch factory in Zhongshan, which is headed by MIMI's brother

Guangzhou Design Centre Established

Guangzhou is the largest Economic Center in South China, and each year has Canton Fairs for gift show.Therefore,we established the Packaging Showroom & Design Centre in Zhujiang New Town,Guangzhou,and this year started export jewelry & gift packaging to oversea customers.

Attend HK Jewelry Fairs since 2006

HK Jewelry Fair is famous for Jewelry events all around the world. To show our new concept designs of jewelry packaging and displays, sales team started the Sep.HK Jewelry Fair as Exhibitor each year since 2006.

Launched Automatic Lines & Dust-Free Workshop

Quality Control is our main management in the daily mass producing work,we want to be your trusted packaging partner in China for long-term business relationship. In 2010,we built 6 gift box automatic lines and 8 Half-Automatic Table Lines  with 100,000pcs/day producing capacity.

April. 2021
Brand Customers Cooperation

Become the vendor of Brand Customers for long term cooperation.Also,improve our ODM & OEM ability and experiences for more retail brand packaging.

June. 2013
Become Supplier of Brand Watch Customers

Win the trust and OEM Order for global watch brand customers in Switzerland. Manufacturing fsc Certificated Boxes, Bags,Cardboards packaging.The core of our business will remain the same – We provide outstanding service that comes with outstanding quality products.

July. 2022
Keep Improving Packaging Products & Service

32 Years Packaging & Display Experiences,from Design to Delivery - D to D! Whether it be a carton or a container load, we offer the end user, items that fit your vision as well as your budget. Winnerpak will continue to grow to meet the many needs of our valued customers which range from the Boutique Sole Owner, Large Retailer and Department Store.

Jan. 2023
Launched The Third Winnerpak Workshop

The Third Winnerpak Packaging Workshop with 120 skillful workers was Launched in Huoju Developing Area, Zhongshan city in 2023, to make sure quick delivery of luxury gift boxes to customers. Monthly Produced 1000,000pieces of boxes.

Reasons to do business with us

1. We have a wide selection of quality products at great prices. Our customer service is second-to-none, and take pride in providing detailed guidance.

2. We offer fast delivery, low start-up costs for automatically produced boxes & bags

3. We have a fantastic online service from the sales department, ready to take your calls or answer your emails and chat messages 7X16 hours. 

4. Today we handle 100,000 boxes and bags daily, which are shipped to more than 120 retail customers and jewelry manufacturers around the world.

5. We are constantly developing new and exciting products.With lots of fashion & luxury packaging solutions to help build your brand through customized packaging.

Sustaible Packaging To Customers

FSC certificated Company to Provide Eco-Friendly Boxes & Bags

Why Choose Winnerpak

Quick Response

Our Sales Team are 7X16hours online response for customers’ questions & contact.


+86 189 2273 8146

Quality Control

From raw materials to finished products , our sales executives and project managers are team experts intimately engaged through every aspect of design, engineering, production, and logistics.


3D design effects would be presented according to your basic ideas. Our mission is to understand the customer’s brand and needs to make outstanding products and visions a reality!

Fast Delivery

Orders without logo from stock products are shipped within 24 hours. Branded customized orders are shipped within  25 business days

Eco Packaging

We are FSC certificated company and provide sustainable packaging to customers with biodegradable materials choices

Happy Customers

 Our experienced packaging team are happy to help you, also if you, contrary to expectations, are not satisfied with our products.One of our mission is to make customers happy to work with us.

Favourable Prices

Winnerpak delivers packaging to more than 500 brand customers. We can buy in large quantities from our raw materials suppliers, resulting in very favourable sales prices, without this compromising the quality.

Tarnish Tested

All of our products are rigorously tested for tarnish-accelerating chemicals, make sure your silver & gold jewelry is not oxidation rusting, and blackening.

Automatic Lines with Standarder High Quality Producing

Winnerpak keeps updating the mass production machines for the jewelry packaging, there are automatic lines for jewelry boxes, paper bags, mailer boxes, and bubble bags. Keep to provide competitive prices of high-quality packaging products and add brand value to customers’ products through customized packaging solutions.

Winnerpak continually enhances production efficiency by investing in cutting-edge automated machinery. Our portfolio includes the state-of-the-art rigid box maker, 5 sets of automatic paper bag makers, an advanced automatic cutter, and now the Heidelberg Printor XL75 and CX104 for producing top-quality paper bags and color boxes. These significant advancements in our capabilities ensure we deliver standard high-quality products with optimal efficiency. By leveraging these technological upgrades, we provide customers with competitively priced packaging solutions without compromising on quality. At Winnerpak, our dedication to excellence is reflected in our commitment to precision and cost-effectiveness, setting new industry standards. Explore the synergy of innovation and affordability through our automated production processes, reinforcing Winnerpak’s leading position in the China jewelry packaging sector.

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Happy Customers

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At Winnerpak, we strive to take your vision and make this a reality from Design to Delivery – D to D! Whether it be a carton or a container load, we offer the end-user, items that fit your vision as well as your budget. Winnerpak will continue to grow to meet the many needs of our valued customers which range from the Boutique Sole Owner, Large Retailer, and Department Store.

The core of our business will remain the same – We provide outstanding service that comes with outstanding quality products.

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